Barpak, mostly inhibited by British ex-army men is also known as the village of the Capt. Gaje Ghale – the first Nepali to be honored with Victoria Cross.

The majority of the residents of Barpak belong to Gurung and Ghale with their original, alive and pristine traditions, culture and festivals.
The Manaslu trek is popular as it takes you on a moderate trekking, historical tour, pilgrimage tour, agro tourism and community based home stay. However, villages en route provide an insight into the real beauty of Himalayas. Barpak lies along the trekking route to Manaslu. It is situated at an altitude of 1900 meters above sea level to 45 km north from Gorkha Bazaar. Barpak was ruled by Ghale King before unification of the nation.
Well preserved, Barpak today invites travelers to experience its unique offerings: rich culture, mountain views and hiking to name a few. Barpak is tantalizing and yet remains undiscovered.

Barpak has retained its age-old cultural attributes and a Ghale architecture that reminds of old Kathmandu valley.