The rich cultural heritage of Gorkha is best expressed in their many large and small festivals that occur throughout the year though the Nepali have diverse beliefs and ethnic backgrounds. The major festivals observed in Gorkha are listed below.

1. Bijaya Dasami (Bada Dashain):
This is the main festival observed mainly by the Hindus to commemorate wars in which truth is victorious. It is a 10 days festival, which starts from the new moon in September/October.

2. Deepawali (Tihar):
It is a festival of lights organized to worship Laxmi, the Goddess of wealth. Faithful animals like crows, dogs and cows and oxen are worshipped on the first 4 days.

3. Teej:
This is a festival of women generally falls in September. Women observe this festival with a view to ensure a long and healthy life for their husbands, sing and dance with red costume, often making up song to articulate the problems they face at home.

4. Gai Jatra:
It involves several teams of dancers from Newar community. There should be at least 3 nymphs and 1 clown in the shape of a cow, falls in the last of August.

5. Holi:
Holi is a festival of colors. On this day everyone plays with colors and some are even drenched in color water. Thakali plays Archery game on this occasion.

6. Ghantu Nach:
This festival is especially observed in Magar community. It is celebrated the whole year. In this, immature girls slowly sing songs with gently closing their eyes.

7. Chutka Nach:
Gurung community calls it ‘tamu dhin†where young people sing song and respectively young girls participate in dances. It is normally of duet singing.

8. Pangdure Nach:
It is a festival of Kumal family.  This is celebrated with great significance.

9. Rodi Ghar:
This is a tradition of gurung community. All boys and girls seem busy over the day. And in the evening, boys and girls gathered at centre house and enjoy duet singing and dacning.

There are many other festivals celebrated in Gorkha such as Maghe Sankranti, Loshar, Paush Pandhra, Chaite Dashain, Basisakh Purnima etc. All the festivals have their own significance and people from different corners of Gorkha actively participate in them. People invite guests as family members to live with them; the guests enjoy participating in the traditional cultural programs and eating local cuisines.


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