During the reign of Ram Shah (1604-1641 A.D), the then small kingdom of Gorkha, founded by King Drabya Shah in 1560 A.D, became famous due to impartial delivery of justice by the king. He earned ample goodwill for his verdicts from the people. There was a famous proverb common those days that one could go to Gorkha if s/he failed to get justice elsewhere.?

During mid-eighteenth century, there were hundreds of small kingdoms and principalities in what is today???s Nepal. Prithvi Narayan Shah took the mammoth task of unifying Nepal in the eighteenth century. The Gorkha soldiers, under his dynamic leadership, eventually succeeded in conquering the Kathmandu valley. The capital of greater Nepal was shifted to Kathmandu since then. But this beautiful town from where the conquering task had been begun has always remained as the centre of attraction for many Nepali as well as foreigners.
Gorkha possesses a number of artistic buildings on the hill top which simulates the traditions architecture of the Kathmandu valley. It has everything to offer- humbleness of the local people, the fascinating rich culture, and the stunning grandeur sceneries. In a nutshell, Gorkha provides different packages of holiday.

Places to Visit

  1. Gorkha Durbar
  2. Gorkha Museum
  3. Upallo Kot (Upper Fort)
  4. Lig Lig Kot

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