Paradise – Gorkha, – situated in central hilly Nepal, is nestled in a region of awesome natural beauty. The valley is filled with rugged hills, lush vegetation, and swift flowing rivers and dotted with clear, shimmering rivers. One can see Buddha Himal standing on the other side of the village. From a nearby Mumche hill, the panoramic view of the Ganesh Himal, Buddha Himal, Sringe Himal, Manaslu Himal and the Himanchuli is breathtaking. The view of the rivers is engrossing and captivating. Daraudi river that spills from the Gorkha Himal and Ghhulung glacier in the Manaslu region, cutting its path through a deep gorge of tropical jungle is awe-inspiring. Gorkha is blessed with the backdrop of one of the most dramatic sceneries in the world. The panorama of Gorkha is made up of towering Himalayan ranges seen closer enough in touching distance on a clear day.

Major Rivers, Glaciers, Lakes and Waterfalls
Gorkha district harbors many rivers, glaciers, lakes and waterfalls which have been major attraction for tourists. Some of the most important glaciers the tourist love to have a sight while in this district are: – Larke, Pungen, Buddha Himal and Lidanda Glaciers found up 2000 m. from the sea level. Besides these, some of the lakes here worth a visit are Birendra Lake (3640 m.), Chhosong Lake (4000 m.), and Kaal Lake (3500 m.). The rivers are famous for white-water rafting among which Trisuli river acclaims its reputation throughout the world. Kharkhande Waterfall, Liding Naudi Waterfall, Swoya Waterfall, Chhutaha Waterfall located in this district fascinate the tourists.

Trans Himalayan Landscape
Apart from availability of geographical locations from Tropical to Nival climatic features, this location boasts of its landscape with two beautiful valleys, Nurbi and Tsum. Surrounded with white mountains and enjoying close proximal status with that of Tibetan landscape, these valleys are not only important for cultural point of view but also for bio-diversity. The peaks and ranges surrounding these beautiful valleys are:
North: Larke / Himlung peak (7123 m.), Manaslu North (7154 m.), Naike peak
East: Ganesh Himal (7429 m.), Shringi Himal (7187 m.)
South: Himalchuli (7895 m.), Bouddha Himal (6672 m.)
West: Manaslu Himal (8163 m.), Naghi Chuli Peak (7871 m.)      

Major View Points
There are various locations which provide perfect views to different landscape, scenery and peak-watch. Some of these locations are Bakreshwori, Tanchhang Kot, Uppalo Kot (Gorkha Bazzar), Liglig Kot, Lakang Kot, Siranchowk Kot, Harmo Kot, Dharche Danda (Sambai), etc.

Major Plateaus
The table land or flat land on the top of a hill obviously adds to the scenic beauty and Gorkha is not devoid of them. There are a few really enchanting plateaus like Palungtar, Gaikhurtar (Cow-hoof), Chayanglingtar, Chhepetar, Kundortar, etc. which have been the choice of tourists.

Natural Hot Springs
Among the major attractions of Gorkha, natural hot springs occupy an important place. Uhiya Hot Spring, Bhulbhule Khaar Hot Water Spring, Machhakhola Hot Water, etc. are some of the major ones.

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